When it comes to shopping around for a violin for the student or beginner in your life, you may feel a bit at a means to an end when it comes to the overabundance of options that are available.

With keeping that thought in mind, there is one company in particular whose violins are not only incredible in terms of their quality, but also their affordability.

If you are in the market for a violin that is perfect for a beginner or student, look no further than Cremona.

Here, are the top three rated best Cremona violins that are wonderful options for new violin students.

And they are all guaranteed to not break your bank!

Best Cremona Violins

Violin on AmazonManufacturer
Cremona SV-75

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Cremona SV-150

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Cremona SV-175

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Cremona SV-75

cremona violin
It is no great surprise why the Cremona SV-75 is a favorite school violin.

The outfit itself comes fully equipped with the finest quality instrument, a super protective hard-shell case, bow and made in the USA, top of the line D’Addario Prelude strings.

For the price, you receive a high-quality instrument that includes literally everything that the student in your life needs to kick out their violin learning experience.

All of the fittings and woods on the incredible Cremona SV-75 are hand selected and beautifully carved of hand-carved spruce and maple, including a gorgeous inlaid purfling and exquisite workmanship which excels this Cremona model into being able to boast an impeccable reputation of both tone as well as value.

Cremona SV-150

Best Cremona Student Violin

At a mere 1.1 lbs. the Cremona SV-150 violin is an exceptional example of a violin with both quality and value of which significantly exceeds its actual price.

The violin is hand carved from the finest selection of solid tonewoods (and yes, wood matters greatly).

Along with a quality workmanship for the finest possible tone of which is all too often not seen in terms of violin craftsmanship for beginner violins.

The violin is additionally fitted with high-quality boxwood pegs, composite tailpiece, and chinrest; of which exceeds the fact that not only does the violin sound incredible, but is also boasts a complete look of refinement that is certainly not the norm for violins in this price range.

Another great feature that comes with this violin is that it is outfitted with top of the line D’Addario

Prelude strings of which significantly improve the overall playing experience, while in turn highlighting only the finest tone possible.

Each of the Cremona SV-150 violin’s comes in its very own TL-33 case, which of course provides extreme impact protection in a classically designed lightweight case.

The violin also comes with a super high-quality J.LaSalle Brazilwood bow that is guaranteed to take this already superb set and skyrocket it to the top of the list as one of the best available in this particular price range!

Cremona SV-175

CremonaPremier Student Violin Outfit

This Cremona SV-175 Premier Student Violin is specifically designed to meet the needs of beginning and advancing violin students. 

The Cremona SV-175 features the renowned finely selected tonewoods.

And is crafted with the finest workmanship available in order to create a tone that is simply beyond compare, especially for its price!

Each violin is additionally fine tuned in order to meet the essential NAFME / MENC specifications.

Not to mention the fact that every violin is also finished with a stunning translucent brown coat that permits the one of a kind grain of the wood to vibrantly show through.

Each of the Cremona SV-175 violins comes with an upgraded Travelite oblong violin case that includes a built-in hygrometer, and a stunning octagonal Brazilwood bow completed with an ebony frog and genuine horsehair!

Final Thoughts

With each of the aforementioned Cremona student violins, you will note that the finishes of will range from a warm translucent brown and red to an antique brown.

Each of the finishes are additionally applied with multiple, thin coats that superiorly protects the wood of the violin, while also giving is an elegant, classical look.

The necks as well are all oiled for an unmatched feel of comfort and luxury for the player.

And traditionally shaped hardwood fittings of both boxwood and ebony are utilized to ensure proper intonation as well as an overall ease in playability that is particularly essential for a beginner.

With regards to the fingerboards, Cremona utilizes only the finest quality of ebony as it is renown for its stability and overall sense of smooth playability.

While of course when it comes to beginners and students, price plays a huge factor in the decision process when deciding which violin the parent, teacher or even student is seeking to buy.

Which is one of the things that make Cremona violins so incredible.

It is a rare occasion that one can purchase an instrument for an actually affordable price and also receive top of the line quality as well.

And that is exactly what you will find when opting to select a Cremona violin, you will find a great price that also comes in association with the best quality tonewoods  and not find yourself sacrificing the instrument’s tone or even its playability!

Cremona violins are additionally crafted in the USA and all of the Premier Student Violins are hand-carved and crafted to be able to achieve only the finest and most balanced tones available.

With such a striking attention to detail is applied to the student can trust that their instrument will guide them through the early learning process and will aid and assist on their journey and development as they build upon their playing skills.

If you are interested in purchasing a new violin or perhaps even one of the aforementioned Cremona violins, it is always advisable to do some extensive research on your investment.

The very last thing that anyone wants to find themselves involved in is the stress of paying hundreds of dollars on a poorly crafted violin.

There are countless incredible violins available to new violin players.

And if you have any questions or concerns about the instrument itself, do not ever hesitate to reach out to the company for answers to your questions prior to making the investment in the instrument.