Violin pegs are crucial for tuning your instrument- but unfortunately they can slip off or break if they (or your strings) are not properly installed. Additionally, another common factor causing your pegs to slip is a significant change in humidity. These pieces, also called tuning pegs, are used to tighten or loosen your violin strings, which changes the pitch of the strings.

Needless to say, if you own a violin you may find yourself in a situation where you need (or want) to purchase new violin pegs. Here are our picks for the best violin pegs on the market.

Our Top 3 Picks

Planetary Geared Violin Peg
  • Planetary Geared Violin Peg
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • incredibly easy to tune
  • Price: See Here
Perfection Planetary Violin Pegs
  • Perfection Planetary Violin Pegs
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • better quality of sound
  • Price: See Here
WITTNER ZW 917-Violin
  • WITTNER ZW 917-Violin
  • 4.2 out of 5
    Our rating
  • high quality materials
  • Price: See Here

1. Knilling 4/4 size Perfection Planetary Geared Violin Peg Set with Synthetic Head

These tuning pegs from Knilling are great for a variety of reasons. First, from a visual perspective they look almost identical to conventional wooden pegs, which is especially important for professional players who wish to keep their aesthetic the same. Additionally, their internal gear design makes these pegs incredibly easy to tune, which is great for new players, young players, and older players who lack the hand strength to tune their instrument with wooden pegs. Their 4:1 gear reduction also makes it so that a fine tuner is not required on the tail piece.

While these pegs are easy to install, it is recommended that a professional installs these pegs. After that, however, you will be set and able to easily use your pegs to tune your instrument with ease. While these are not the cheapest pegs on the market, they are quality ones that will last you for years to come, and will allow you to easily tune your instrument whenever you need to.

2. Perfection Planetary Violin Pegs Set For Violin, 4/4 Size

These violin pegs from Perfection make it very easy for you to tune your violin. They also remove the need to have a fine tuner installed, which helps to provide a better quality of sound. As for installation, glue is needed to correctly install these pegs.

While there are instructions included, it is probably a good idea to have a professional install these pegs. Once they are installed, they are very securely in place and are almost guaranteed not to slip! While these pegs have a slightly elevated price, they are a great investment and will likely be the only violin pegs you ever have to buy.

3. WITTNER ZW 917-Violin 4/4-3/4, 0.31” Fine-Tune-Peg for Violin 4/4-3/4, 0.31” 7.8mm

These violin pegs from Wittner are good alternatives to traditional wooden pegs that help to make it easier on you to tune your violin. These pegs are made of a composite material that helps make tuning an incredibly easy process.

This brand manufactures their pegs in Germany and assert that your strings will never lose tension if used with these pegs. As always, proper installation will be key to making sure these pegs work correctly and will not slip. These German pegs are not the cheapest on this list but are worth the money for the high quality materials used.

4. Anton Breton VP-140 Violin Tuning Pegs – Set of 4 – Ebony – 1/2

If you are looking for high quality wooden violin pegs at an affordable price, this set from Anton Breton is for you.

These pegs are handmade from ebony and come in a variety of sizes so that you are sure to find the size you need for your particular violin. These pegs come with slightly oversized shafts on purpose so that they can be fitted to each violin individually. Because of that feature, you will have to have these pegs professionally installed, but because of their affordable price, this should not be a problem.

Their authentic appearance mixed with their affordability and durability make them a great choice for people looking for a new set of violin pegs either for an old violin or a newer model.

5. Rosewood Heart Shaped Pegs w, Boxwood Collar & Pin – 4/4 Violin

Finally, this set of rosewood pegs from Alexi Strings is sure to please any violin player. These handcrafted pegs are made from rosewood and boxwood and come with a lifetime guarantee. 

This set of pegs is another set that comes at a very affordable price point, especially considering that these pegs are handcrafted using high quality materials. These heart shaped pegs are sure to add a beautiful touch to your violin, along with giving you the ability to tune your instrument effectively.

Final Notes on Choosing the Best Violin Pegs

There you have it! This list contains both traditional wooden pegs, and more modern pegs from new materials that make tuning easy.

Depending on what you need as well as the style of pegs you are looking for, you can find something on this list. If you want a new planetary type pegs, go for the Knilling, Perfection, or Wittner pegs. If you want traditional wooden pegs, go for the Anton Breton or Alexi Strings pegs.