There are a lot of violins out there that are considered to be entry level and attempting to settle on the best one can most certainly prove to be an overwhelming task. It is vitally important that one must narrow down a violin of which can assist the violin student to ensure that the foundation of their play is set off in the best way possible. Which is precisely why if you are in the market for a trusted and reliable beginner violin, you should look no further than the Cremona SV 150 Violin outfit.


The Cremona SV-150 violin outfit is the perfect example of how the value and quality of an instrument actually surpasses what the price tag states. Each Cremona SV 150 outfit boasts an instrument of which is entirely comprised of hand-carved selected solid tone woods and is additionally fitted with only top of the line quality boxwood pegs. Not the mention the bridge, chin rest and tailpiece that are implemented to ensure that not only does the instrument sound remarkable, but boasts a look of elegance that typically can not be found in other price comparable violins.Yet another wonderful feature is that each of the Cremona SV150 violin outfits includes teacher rated top-quality D’addario Prelude strings that are guaranteed to improve the overall player experience and uplifts the finest tone possible in this incredible violin. The violin is additionally finished with either a warm translucent brown or a red to give it a more antique brown feel and the coats are applied in multiple, thin and evenly distributed coats to both protect the wood, and to also give the violin a gorgeous and more traditional look. The necks are also oiled for a feeling that is simply unsurpassed to the player and is most certainly not something that can easily be found in competing beginner violins.

Each SV-150 violin additionally comes fully protected in a durable Travelite TL-33 case, allowing for optimum balance in terms of its lightweight design and complete jarring, impact protection.  The TL-33 case that includes back straps for easy and comfortable carrying of the violin. Which is super convenient when traveling to or from home from violin practice. The wonderful thing about the TL-33 case is that it also adds a significant value and trusted safety to the SV-150 violin as with the vast majority of beginner violin purchases you receive a low-quality case that does very little to ensure the protection of your instrument.

The outfit also comes complete with a high-quality J. LaSalle Brazilwood bow to top off this already remarkable outfit. The Brazilwood is actually a wonderful and highly reliable bow that will last your student many years to come. The J. LaSalle high-quality octagonal Brazilwood bow with an ebony frog (which adds both looks and durability!) along with unbleached white horsehair is a great bow of which is designed to last.  This bow will guide students from the just starting out to well into their intermediate stage of violin practice, free of any issues. Not to mention the fact that when your student gets started with a good bow it means that you are saving yourself the money in the long run by to not having to go out and purchase a more expensive one down the road.


Similar to the highest-level violin outfits, each Cremona SV 150 violin is hand-carved in the United States in order to achieve the finest and most balanced tone possible. And it is this striking attention to detail that is put into these striking violins. And you student will be able to put their trust in knowing that they can rely on the Cremona SV 150 to guide them as they learn and grow in their violin practice. This violin will easily be able to carry them from the earliest stages of their practice to intermediate stages as well.

Though this violin can certainly be more than enjoyed by more advanced players as well. And when it comes to an investment that actually grows as your student does, you can certainly find no bigger comfort in knowing that your money was certainly put to good use. If you have any questions about the Cremona SV 150 violin outfit be sure to visit their website for further details or head over to your nearest music shop.