For those seeking to buy an affordable and pleasing violin outfit that reflects the Old World craftsmanship and quality, the Knilling 114VN Sebastian “London” Violin offers the complete package. This is one of the most popular Knilling models, and is one of Knilling top sellers.

It is a handsomely crafted instrument, solidly carved from seasoned tonewoods, and with inlaid purfling, plus high quality ebony fittings, shaded antique brown finish, and the Knilling Custom Shop adjustment with premium components for playing ease and superior performance.

The majority of the Knilling violins are created in their factory, except for the bridge, because the bridge on every Knilling is hand carved for an exact fit for height and spacing of the strings.

The complete Knilling 114VN Sebastian “London” Violin outfit includes a shaped case with cover, and a wooden bow with horsehair.

For violin, the Knilling Sebastian London Artist model is offered in 4/4, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4 and 1/8 sizes.


  • Very likable violin for what you pay
  • Fingerboard, pegs, etc. are in ebony
  • A pleasing tone can be produced, even from a complete beginner
  • Included case offers great protection with room for all necessary accessories (rosin, two bows, cloth, extra strings, etc.)
  • This Knilling 114VN Sebastian London is great for adult beginners as well as younger students


  • Keep in mind that this model is at the student level, so all expected limitations (e.g. consistency in production), that come with less expensive violins should be considered


  1. Even grain spruce top; solid carved maple back.
  2. Lightly figured maple back and sides.
  3. Ebony nut, fingerboard, and saddle.
  4. Perfection planetary pegs with four fine tuners.


  • Solid carved throughout and graduated
  • Inlaid purfling
  • Shaped case with cover; two bow holders; accessory compartment
  • Fully lined interior with matching blanket
  • Half-lined brazilwood bow with ebony frog; genuine white horsehair
  • Synthetic tailpiece with built-in tuners
  • D’Addario Prelude steelcore strings


knilling 2

Decision Time

This is by far the most popular Knilling model, and the most sold model of Knilling. This model offers a spruce top with even grain and a solid maple back that is carved. It has graduated solid inlaid purfling. Just like very Knilling it offers solid ebony pegs. It has a solid bridge made of maple.

This is a very affordable violin and is ideal for any novice that wants to begin playing the violin.