There are a lot of violins out there that are marketed as entry-level and trying to settle on the best one can most certainly prove to be a tedious feat. It is essential that you narrow down a violin that can assist the violin student to get off to a good start, which is precisely why if you are in the market for a fine beginner violin, you should look no further than the Cremona SV 175 Violin outfit.


The construction of the Cremona SV 175 is exceptional. Crafted from spruce, maple, and ebony, which are of course three of the selected woods traditionally used to create professional violins. The makers of Cremona violins take the time to ensure that each piece of wood is in turn seasoned properly which is an essential (and often overlooked) aspect of the overall creation of violin crafting. The back and sides of the violin are made from aged maple and the front of the violin is made from aged spruce and all of the fittings are crafted from ebony (with the exception of the tailpiece). Ebony is utilized for the fingerboard, pegs, and the chinrest as these are the most commonly used and suffer the most abuse. 

It is the attention to fine details that truly sets this instrument apart from other beginner violins which are comparable in price with the Cremona SV 175. For example. the upgraded Strings-Prelude strings by D’Addario as well as the upgraded bridge truly make all the  difference in terms of the violin’s playability and tone. Not to mention the stunning inlaid purfling and impeccable hand carving of which affects both the elegance and tone of the instrument.  

The outfit additionally boasts a reliable bow. The J. LaSalle LB-13 high-quality octagonal brazilwood bow with an ebony frog (which adds both looks and durability!) and unbleached white horsehair is a great bow of which is designed to last.  This bow will guide students from the just starting out to well into their intermediate stage of violin practice, free of any issues. And getting started with a good bow means that you are saving yourself the money in the long run to not have to go out and purchase a pricier one down the road.

The outfit also comes with a durable case that includes back straps for easy and comfortable carrying of the violin. It even adds value to the instrument as with the vast majority of beginner violin purchases you receive a low-quality case that does very little to ensure the protection of your instrument.

Quite possibly one of the best reasons that you should be considering purchasing the Cremona SV 175 violin as a beginner is due to the fact that you do not have to worry about upgrading quickly down the line as your student’s practice begins to grow and develop. One of the biggest mistakes that people tend to make when it comes to purchasing a violin, is opting for a cheap violin at first, only to have to invest more money quickly in the future to a far better violin that will suit the violinist’s needs and advancing skills. While the Cremona SV 175 is most certainly not the least expensive option available on the market, it most certainly provides the very best deal in terms of the value you are receiving for the money you are investing. And that in itself if not something that can easily be found when it comes to violins for beginner students.

While the Cremona SV 175 is the perfect option for an entry level student, the instrument can just as easily be enjoyed by students of virtually any skill level.  If you have already purchased a beginner violin, the Cremona SV 175 can even be a really great and inexpensive upgrade for a student that is at an intermediate skill level as well.


With that being said, the Cremona SV 175 truly is an exceptional violin of which offers the perfect opportunity for virtually anyone who is seeking to invest in a reliable violin that not only sounds great but also looks great. And when is comes to making such an investment for a beginner in any instrument, more often than not you must seek out what you are getting for the money that you are spending, and the Cremona SV 175 really does provide an incredible deal for what you are paying.