Did you know that having the best violin can also make you a better violinist? You already know a skilled player can bring out the best in the instrument, but the opposite also occurs. Having a quality violin will allow you to produce the best sound possible with less effort.

Good instruments allow you to develop much more naturally whereas violins of less quality can hinder the playability and make development much harder.

Here you can find details on the best violin brands, violin reviews, electric violin guide and much more. Also this site provides all the necessary information you need to make an informed decision before purchasing a violin for you or your child.

Our Top Recommended Violins

1. Stentor 1500


Best Violin Reviews

You are always amazed when you hear it. When you look for good music you always run into Andre Rieu. And it is an essential ingredient of the captivating orchestra music. You guessed it, it’s one of the most divine sounding instruments, the violin.

The sound of the violin is like a poem. So divine. But it will certainly not sound the same way when you’ll play it for the first time. It will sound like you are just scratching really. The violin as an instrument has some of the most unnatural ways of holding and playing and can certainly be a tricky task until you learn it well, but it becomes natural when you pass that phase.

If you want to start with the violin and buy one, you need to be aware that this is an instrument that requires a lot of care and maintenance. Just take a good look at how a violinist unwraps his instrument. You can see the attention that he gives to that violin.

Once you start playing the violin, you’ll notice the appreciation from fellow musicians, band and orchestra members, and your friends and your family too. You’ll become a part of a sophisticated musician community. You’ll attend and play on orchestra and ensemble events. But first things first, you got to choose your violin to begin with. And we at Violinio got you covered with our 5 reviews for the best violin for beginners out there.

1. Stentor 1500 Violin Review

Best Beginner Violin Reviews